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Yielder Post 23

Well it looks like a double-post day. Following the advice of dagorym  in Resources for Campaign Design, I signed up  for Johnn Four’s “Roleplaying Tips“(He can be kinda forceful like that). I am certainly glad I did cause the first email I got had two articles that I could use instantly. If you haven’t signed up yet, you should go and check it out.

The first article was link to a plethora of images on abandoned locations. Since I just wrote about my Post Apocalyptic setting, these instantly appealed to me. I decided to pick one out and use Gnome Stew’s Quick and Dirty Location Template to add a little more flavor to the Burn.Yielder huts

  • Name: Yielder Post 23
  • Ambiance: A small sanctuary on the edge of a blighted area.
  • History: A yielder came across some abandoned structures on the coast found he could easily defend them and has been using them to solidify his power base.
  • Encounters: Devil Shrimp, a large crustacean that has a highly poisonous stinger, inhabits the area and can survive out of water for a length of time. They feed of carrion, but when food gets scarce, they will use their stingers to bring down prey. Devil Shrip are fast in water, but are considerably slower on land and cannot climb very well.
  • Treasure: The Yielders have been using this area to stockpile weapons and ammo.
  • Hooks and Hotspots: A small fishing community that is relatively close Post 23 is constantly harassed for food. They are looking for people to help stop them. The Yield Marshall has been getting reports of a yielder group that has been taxing villages, but not reporting to the Yield Marshall. A lieutenant for the Yield Marshall has asked the group to find out what the group is doing.
  • Historic Note: This picture comes from some abandoned houses off the coast of Florida.

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