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Random Encounters: Umbergritt the Archon

Umbergritt was an earth elemental that was summoned to the fight in the Eternity Coliseum, a pit fighting establishment that prided itself on exotic opponents. Slated as a novice fight, Umbergritt was the surprise upset against three mid-ranked gladiators. Slowly, fight after fight, Umbergritt began to understand the coliseum and human ways. He mastered human showmanship and became a favored fighter in the coliseum, which was just an underground cavern with illusion spells to make look more grand. Umbergritt was very content until he was forced to fight a Galeb Duhr. He had never been pitted against his brethren and had no desire to fight him.

This angered Amiaonan Jesit, the owner of the Eternity Coliseum. He ordered several creatures released to fight Umbergritt and the Galeb Duhr. By the end of the fight, the Galeb Duhr lay dead and Umbergritt understood the human’s capacity for hate and pain. Umbergritt broke through the coliseum walls and escaped the coliseum. Amiaonan ordered Umbergritt’s capture a placed a high bount for his return.

Perhaps the party comes across Umbergritt in the wild and decides to help the elemental escape his hunters or the party is hired by Amiaonan to capture one of his prized combatants.

deckFor a while, I have had an old D&D second edition product called the Deck of Encounters. I have used quiet extensively to good results. In a nutshell the deck is just a number of index cards with a short synopsis of an encounter. It doesn’t give you many specifics as to the history of the individuals in the encounter, just what they are doing at the time of being encountered. There are number of other things to help placement, like the habitat, player level, climate, encounter type, etc. These can take your game in unforeseen directions that you, as a game master, has not planned for.┬áIn an effort to elaborate on that, I am going to try to emulate this series from time to time and put up random encounters that come to mind.

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