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The Secret Wars of Gnomes

Revengeoflawngnomes_03Many moons ago, I relayed the Secret War of Gnomes and Leprechauns and it has earned me an unrighteous enmity of the wee folk. I have found my keys missing, holes in my favorite shirt, and I’m fairly certain they put the weevils in my cereal. But this has not deterred me in my quest for gnomish knowledge. I have found that there is a subclass of gnome call gnoamgoyles. Now gnoamgoyles were created by the same wizard that created gargoyles. As legend has it, when the wizard was working on bringing the stone effigies to life, he had many gnome apprentices. These gnomes worked tirelessly for their mentor and were key to him unlocking the secrets to stonelife. Unfortunately, during one ill-fated experiment, the wizard failed to bring the stone gargoyles to life. When his apprentices suddenly stopped working, he realized he had turned the gnomes to stone.

Disenchanted, the wizard quit his experiments until that evening when the gnomes came back to life and besought their mentor to reverse the spell. He agreed and work tirelessly throughout the night to unravel the secrets of stonelife. Now the gnomes continued to help their mentor, waiting for the day they could walking again in the light. After an unknown number of years, the wizard deciphered the secret of stonelife and brought his gargoyle minions to life. The gnomes, learning that their mentor had no plans to restore them to normal, revolted against their master. But by then it was too late. The wizard had number of loyal gargoyles, like magical rottweilers with wings. The gargoyles attacked the gnomes and drove them off into the night. Thus began the war of Gnomes and Gargoyles.

The gnoamgoyles, being able to move under the same conditions as the gargoyles, had no hope of capturing their former master. In one final attempt, the gnoamgoyles convinced their gnomish brethren to spirit away the gargoyle watched dogs during the day and they confronted their former master that same night. The battle between master and student was both great and terrible. The entire country side was laid asunder in the battle and only ended when the gnomes discovered they could convey the unlife of stone another.

When the gargoyles returned, they were finally free beings, but seeing their master cast in stone sparked a hatred for gnomes that has not since been quenched. To this day, gargoyles and gnomes are mortal enemies. Gnoamgoyles has taken up the fight as the nightly defenders of gnomes. Over the years, these silent stone watchmen have been whisked away to decorate many a human garden. Rarely is a garden gnome a gnoamgoyle, but those that are taken are mean and bitter from their curse in life. Beware the gnome you put in your garden, for it may come to life that night and bestow his curse on you.

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