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You all meet at a tavern ...

The Quarreglion, Dinner is… Disgusting.

As I stared into the creature’s malevolent eye, I realized it had not stopped eating my fallen opponent. I was poised to strike this horrendous tentacled beast, nearly double my size, yet the eye never wavered. It stood there gazing at me while it ate the body, laying half submerged in the towns fecal drainage system. I slowly backed away from the beast; it determined I was no threat and returned to its meal. As I turned away, I nearly ran into another of these rather large beasts. It raised one of its tentacles and pushed me aside as it slithered past. I watched as it plucked chunks of feces floating in the water and placed them in its maw. I felt the bile rise in my throat as I turned away and wondered if the townsfolk had put the creatures here on purpose.

"Otyugh!" by Brian Thomas

“Otyugh!” by Brian Thomas

Recently, I read an interesting article on dung beetles, followed by a backed up septic tank. So I got to thinking about creatures that eat garbage. I think the carrion crawler may be the most well know, but I quickly thought of the otyugh and the dianoga. The dianoga is the trash creature from the compactor room in Star Wars. I realized that all these creatures, the imaginary ones, had tentacles to assist them in their duties in eliminating waste from an area. But why would something that ate things that never fought back be aggressive? Unless they were starving for food, would they not happily trudge along taking care of things that were overripe for the pickins?

So I thought up a creature that could be used in a game as a sort of garbage disposal. Sure you can use another creature, but I find people tend to act on preconceived notions. This should present a creature that the characters have no knowledge of, and if they decide to attack…

Name: Quarreglion

Description: A quarreglion is a large slug like creature nearly 3 meters in length. The creature has a multitude of psuedo pods that run the length of its body on either side. A large psuedo-pod on the creatures back houses the creatures toothy maw. Two sets eye stalks flank the maw and give the beast excellent spatial vision. Quarreglions are brown to green in color depending on their diet.

Ecology: Quarreglions have always been misunderstood. They have evolved to eliminate carrion and the slime they produce is often nourishing to the soil. Most animals avoid quarreglions, but occasionally curious young will approach a quarreglion to investigate. Quarreglions are quite docile and will allow themselves to be touched. They have a tendency to shy away from contact, but are content to watch if not provoked. If attacked, quarreglions can be an intimidating opponent, but they prefer to retreat from conflict. If pressed, the quarreglion has a unique way of defending itself.

Self Defense: The Quarreglion prefers to retreat than to fight and has developed a strange self defense mechanism. If attacked, the quarreglion will regurgitate fecal matter and spray its opponent with unerring accuracy. The target is covered in brown, viscous fecal matter that is a strong irritant. The combination of the creatures stomach acids cause the material irritate most creatures skin and cause the eyes to water and burn. This will give the quarreglion to escape.

Dianoga by Aaron Allston

Dianoga by Aaron Allston

Final note, I find it humorous to put in creatures that are a mere annoyance to players. The quarreglion is quite healthy for the ecosystem and players deserve to walk into town covered in feces if they choose to attack one. there are no stats because I did not want to tie this creature to a particular game.

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