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3d Modeling – The Assault Scout – part 1 —

This particular modeling project started not with wanting to reproduce the miniature but rather because Jay Thurman made this absolutely amazing 3D model of the Assault Scout in Sketchup (pictured here).  In fact, I liked this model so much that we used it to create the cover for issue 9 of the Frontier Explorer.  I [...]

Why My Ship Decks Have Three Meter Ceilings —

I’ve been reviewing ship designs and deck plans for articles in the Frontier Explorer and this has had me thinking again about a topic I’ve pondered on before.  Namely the relative sizes of the various races/species in a game and how that affects things like construction and design of buildings and more specifically spacecraft.  If [...]

Sathar Laser Settings —

The Story I’ve been running my kids through the Volturnus modules in Star Frontiers.  We’ve been at it for years in fits and starts.  It’s not because they don’t want to play but rather that we can never find the time with all the things we’re doing (and them needing to get their chores done), [...]

Variation on a trap —

I was playing Star Frontiers with my kids last night and they dreamed up a trap far worse than what was actually there.  They are in the last section of the SF-1: Volturnus, Planet of Mystery module (PDF). Warning: spoilers for the adventure.  If you’re a player in this module stop reading now! In this [...]

Frontier Explorer Issue 5 Available —

A bit of shameless self-promotion today.  Co-blogger jedion357 and I are the editors of the Frontier Explorer magazine and we just released issue 5.  Here’s the announcement: Hello explorers! Issue 5 of the Frontier Explorer is now available for download from the website or DriveThruRPG. This issue provides a smorgasbord of articles from our submission [...]