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Notes for tonight's game: TPK!!!

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Yielder Post 23 —

Well it looks like a double-post day. Following the advice of dagorym  in Resources for Campaign Design, I signed up  for Johnn Four’s “Roleplaying Tips“(He can be kinda forceful like that). I am certainly glad I did cause the first email I got had two articles that I could use instantly. If you haven’t signed up [...]

Overburn: The Yielders —

The fight was over. I could see it on the peoples faces. They had no fight left in them. I felt that I had let them down. I talked them into the fight. Now the raiders would take whomever they wanted, and kill the rest. I prayed, to a god I have never known, I [...]

OverBurn: The Dust Legion —

We are few, we are proud, we are Legion! Little is know of the Dust Legion’s origins, but it was created as a stalwart bastion against the Rodvyr invasion. They stood as a symbol of hope and honor among the humans and their ranks were easily replenished from willing volunteers. For years, the Legion stopped [...]

Centicore —

Centicores are large goat-like animals that roam the wastes. Due to the scarcity of food, centicores are aggressive and territorial. Centicores sure-footed and able to bring their long horns to bear at a moments notice. Due to their speed and flexibility, many people believe that centicores’ horns can swivel into any position, but no evidence [...]