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Where I Write – February RPG Blog Carnival —

I was going to try and knock out another 3D modeling post for today but I still haven’t caught up after finishing issue 11 of the Frontier Explorer.  Especially since school has started up and I’m knee deep into the two graduate classes I’m taking.  Luckily, the new topic for the monthly RPG Blog Carnival [...]

Favorite NPCs: The Aide —

Now that my co-bloggers here at Arcane Game Lore have chimed in as well, I figured I’d better put up my entry for the month’s RPG Blog Carnival and post one of my all time favorite NPCs.  I had intended to do this post a week or so ago near the middle of the month [...]

Favorite NPC’s: The Gullwing Bandit —

Dagorym’s post on “The Highwayman” got me to thinking about one of the most notorious NPC’s in my Earthdawn game. For those of you familiar with Dungeons & Dragons module HHQ3 Thief’s Challenge, there’s a character known as “The Gullwing Bandit”. The Gullwing Bandit is a son of a noble who’s land was stolen away [...]

Favorite NPCs: June RPG Blog Carnival —

Characters Everywhere Everyone has a favorite player character, whether it is one of yours when you were a player or one played by a member of your gaming group when you were game master.  It’s the character you trot out and reminisce about when remembering the grand adventures of the past. But characters don’t live [...]