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While there is probably a great post on environmental effects hiding somewhere behind that title, this unfortunately is not it.  The last week has been simply insane and I haven’t had time to get a post together for the blog.  Craziness included:

  • A cold/flu – something hit me early last week and still hasn’t completely gone away
  • My wife was out of town early last week.  She was back in D.C. reviewing NSF proposals and evaluating them to help determine who got funding and who didn’t.
  • Within 12 hours of her getting home I left for the rest of the week to attend the ACRL 2015 conference.  It was great but conferences are exhausting. I got back Saturday night.
  • On top of all that I have a major project in one of my classes for my Master’s program that is due tonight.  I was supposed to have another due yesterday but luckily that got postponed a week.  So any free time I’ve had at home or at the conference was spent working on the project.  It’s still not done but I should finish on time.

So the net result is no new game related post this week.  I should be back on schedule by next week.  And don’t forget to go register for the Frontier Net Con 2015 if you are interested in some Star Frontiers on-line gaming.

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