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Running behind

In finishing up the second semester of my masters program, plus publishing issue 12 of the Frontier Explorer (you can get it here on the FE website or here on DriveThru RPG), my regular blog post kind of fell through the cracks.  And it’s been cloudy so no observing.  I hope to have another post up later in the week.

Until the regular post arrives, I recommend that you grab a copy of the new Frontier Explorer issue and enjoy the articles on mentalist and psionic creatures, equipment, and ideas of how to use these in your games.  Additionally there is a great little adventure and some optional rules in this issues related to ship construction and critical success and failures including an article I translated from the old German Drache magazine (published back in the 80′s).

On the topic of future posts, I’ve also thought about doing a post (or maybe more depending on the length) on the process of getting an issue of the Frontier Explorer out the door.  Let me know in the comments if that would be of interest to anyone.

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