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RPG Review, a review

Recently came across the RPG Review fan magazine:

Its a 60 page RPG fan magazine with each issue having a theme: Apocalyse, Cthulu Mythos, all things GURPs, Monsters and Aliens and etc. Submissions are accepted for all systems and rules. The production values are good, layout is clean and simple, though the illustrations are limited (not an uncommon problem in fanzines).  There is a broad number of submitters and despite each issue following a theme there is broad coverage in the articles which guarantees that a reader will find something of interest.

Some gems I discovered:

Issue 9: great article on Bio-physics for Gamers about crafting new creatures and aliens compared to average human statistics.

Issue 2: “Spirit of Middle Earth” examines how in the Hobbit and the LotRs the heroes are the little guys as apposed to how in most RPGs they are the exalted heroes.

Issue 18: “A Taste for Dirty Secret” examines a handful of investigative games (murder mystery genre) and outlines the need for “a better mouse trap” in the area of constructing a crime for gaming as well as examining what actually constitutes a clue in a game context.

The Lord Orcus speaks series runs semi regularly and is written from the point of view of the demon god commenting on the theme for the issue and is quite amusing.

My only criticism of the fanzine has nothing to do with the magazine itself but rather its web site. There is no link or page that organizes all the issues in one spot. Instead you have to wade through 6 pages of blog posts to find all 19 issues of the publication. Its a bit tedious but not a true criticism of the fanzine as a publication. All in all, I highly recommend RPG Review, after all, I downloaded all the issues and submitted an article.

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