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Read an RPG Book in Public Week.

Somehow I’ve managed to miss this for the last 4 years but this week is first Read an RPG Book in Public Week for 2015.  Turns out there are three weeks each year set aside for this.  The article on the Escapist linked above provides a good FAQ on the idea.

Cover of the expanded game rules book for star frontiersI have to say that I think that this is a great idea and an easy non-intrusive way to spread our love of our hobby.  I’m definitely going to have to see if I can get in some public reading, I’m just trying to figure out where as I’m not usually in pubic places.  I may just have to take my lunch hour and go sit in one of the library common areas and read.

Most likely I’ll be reading Star Frontiers as my gaming life is pretty wrapped up in that game right now but maybe I’ll dust off one of my other games as well as a refresher.  What RPG books are you reading in public this week?  Feel free to share comments, experiences, and links to pictures below.

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