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Random Spacecraft Clutter

Just a random item table today.  It never hurts to have random everyday items lying around to add life to your setting.  Today’s list is things you might find laying around on-board a spacecraft, whether in an empty room, going through a closest, or just scattered in a corner.  Some might be useful, some might be plot related if the GM wants to make them so, and some might be there just for fun.

Roll 1d10

  1. Used power clip (d6x10% remaining)
  2. Crumpled candy bar wrappers
  3. Phillips screwdriver
  4. Coffee mug (plain or emblazoned with the ship’s/company’s logo)
  5. Extra patches for spacesuit punctures
  6. 1d4 small screws
  7. Spare circuit board for one of the ship’s components
  8. A recent issue of the Frontier Explorer
  9. Small data cube/chip/thumb drive
  10. d6 socks, no matches

Feel free to suggest other items you might find in the comments.  Suggestions will be incorporated into a future table.

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One Comment

  1. jedion357 says:

    How about a 3.048m pole?

    BTW I loved the inclusion of the Frontier Explorer issue ;)

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