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Random Items on Public Transportation

The holiday weekend really threw my schedule out of whack so my second Assault Scout 3D modeling post has been delayed.  In the meantime, here’s a list of random items you might find on a bus, tram, or monorail left by previous passengers.  They may be nothing or maybe they are part of the plot or a hook for a new adventure.

Roll 2d10

  1. Gun/other ranged weapon – What’s this doing here?  Is it wiped clean or covered in prints?
  2. Grocery bag full of food – Anyone hungry?
  3. Glasses/sunglasses – maybe they’re just cheap reading glasses or they could be a designer pair of sunglasses
  4. An electric razor – Why was someone grooming on the subway?
  5. A book – Anything from a trashy romance to a great classic.  Does it have a name inside?  Is there something tucked into the pages?
  6. A receipt – A clue or just trash?
  7. A note – did it fall out of someone’s bag or was it left on purpose.  Maybe it’s just a grocery list or maybe it’s a love letter?
  8. Water or alcohol bottle – could be unopened, half full, or empty
  9. A newspaper – Today’s or yesterday’s?  Is something highlighted or is it folded to expose a certain article?  Or just laying there.  Maybe it’s covering something else or has something wrapped inside.
  10. Random trash
  11. A magazine – Recent or old?  Could be on any topic.  Maybe there is something tucked inside.
  12. Pen/pencil – Maybe it’s dead or maybe it still works.  Has it been sharpened down to a stub?  More maybe it’s an expensive monogrammed fountain pen?
  13. Comb/Brush – Maybe just leave that one be
  14. An envelope – Maybe it’s empty or maybe there is something inside.  A bill?  A note?  Cash?
  15. Ticket or ticket stub – is it for a concert, a play, or maybe just the bus you’re on?
  16. Food – carryout or fast food in a bag
  17. A plant/flowers – maybe there is a card with names?
  18. Ring/other jewelry – anything from cheep costume jewelry to valuable gemstones
  19. Purse/Wallet – is there cash inside? Identification?  Do you track down the owner and return it or keep it?

What other random things have you found or might you find left on public transportation?

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