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Random D30 Table: What have I got in my belt pouch?

So one of the things I have realized is that I like are random tables. I find most tables interesting read and I think they help spur thought on how that particular fact fits into the game. I have decided to make some random tables and post them on-line. I also own multiple D30s that I have no use for, so I decided to add some random D30 tables. If you don’t have a D30, feel free to roll a D10+D20, I will try to keep the first one of each list unimportant.

  1. Lint
  2. A small figure made from grass
  3. Marbles
  4. Chalk for dungeon marking
  5. Dried Jerky from an unknown creature
  6. A strange tetrahedron shaped stone
  7. A dried monkey paw with pointer finger extended
  8. Flint & Steel
  9. 1d10 hexagonal pieces of electrum from some unknown civilization.
  10. A large tooth of a carnivore on a piece of twine
  11. Toe nail clippings
  12. A pixie dagger on a charm bracelet
  13. A folded up map with strange writing
  14. Several odd polyhedrons with numbers on them
  15. A bone key, in several pieces
  16. A tube of interwoven bamboo strips
  17. Animal fat
  18. Several chunks of pyrite (Fools gold)
  19. 3 candles
  20. A note with goblin to common translations (‘Bree-yark’ does not mean ‘I surrender’)
  21. Semi-solid ball of snot
  22. Cockatrice Whistle (google search for turkey bone whistle)
  23. Pungent smelling herbs and a pipe
  24. A desiccated finger with an engagement ring on it
  25. The precise ingredients for Corinthian bronze, but not the process to make it
  26. A glass ball with a live frog inside
  27. An unassuming ring
  28. Chocolate coated carrion crawler eggs
  29. A small orb with a note stating ‘The Eye of Venca”.
  30. Roll twice

If you have any request for a random table, please let me know.

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