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Overburn: The Yielders

Yielder by Michelle Rodriguez

Yielder by Michelle Rodriguez

The fight was over. I could see it on the peoples faces. They had no fight left in them. I felt that I had let them down. I talked them into the fight. Now the raiders would take whomever they wanted, and kill the rest. I prayed, to a god I have never known, I prayed. My arrogance had lead these people to their doom and I would stand before judgement for my actions. I braced myself for the oncoming scourge when I caught sun reflecting off their shield. They came in fast, flanking the raiders. A cloud of dust alerted the raiders, but it was too late. The Yielders’ unmistakable shield rallied the townsfolk and the raiders were caught between them. They were the knights of the Burn, and they would not yield. – Allant of Croix

In the Post Apocalyptic wastes know as The Burn, the Yielders were once a shining beacon for the meek and down trodden. Their meticulously kept shields were recognized across the Burn and were one of the few people that slavers feared. But fate is a fickle mistress, and the mind of man is easily swayed. The leader of the Yielders, known simply as the Yield Marshal, was slain in combat with the wraiths. A new Yield Marshal took the reigns and slowly the Knights of the Burn degenerated into a band of self-righteous bullies, searching the wastes for vain glorious battles to be won.

Yielders travel the wastes in bands of 5 to 20. They attitudes range wildly from respectful and friendly to arrogant and contemptuous. The Yielders supplied guards for merchants and relied on the generosity of the villages they protected. More frequently they demand tribute from towns and merchants alike and offer little services. They still protected the town as they view nothing more glorious than death in combat.

Dealing with the Yielders can be difficult since they return any slight with force. Most people avoid looking directly at a yielder as most yielders view this as a challenge. A crafty person can trick a yielder into personal combat. Yielders have a strange sense of honor, and the refusal of personal combat is a sign of weakness. Win or loose, the individual is often left alone after the fight. If he looses, yielders don’t consider him worthy of fighting. If he wins, only the yielder he defeated can claim a rematch.

The identifying object for any yielder, is their shield. While not every yielder knows each other. The Yielders have a way of identifying their own. Anyone caught with a shield that is not a yielder is attacked immediately. No quarter is given to these individuals.

There is a long standing feud between the Yielders and the Dust Legion. It is rumoured that yielders were once part of the Dust Legion.  Yielders will often go out of their way to provoke a member of the dust legion. Fortunately, the legionnaires have no need for childish posturing. Only when innocent bystanders are involved, are legionnaires provoked to action. When legionnaires and yielders fight, everybody looses.

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