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Hopefully this will be the last of the off schedule posts.  I just finished the final project for my class this week and a have a couple weeks before the next one starts.  I had originally planned to continue with the skill mechanics discussion in my “Designing Out Loud” series but that post is taking longer to write up than I expected.  So today, I thought I’d give a shout out to some of the blogs and podcasts I follow for gaming inspiration and ideas.  This list is by no means exhaustive but these resources are great and you should check them out if you’re not already following them.


  • Campaign Mastery – This blog is full of great times for GMs looking to build and run campaigns.  The archives go back to 2008 and every article is gold.
  • Role-playing Tips – A weekly newsletter of tips and ideas for players and GMs.
  • Delta’s D&D Hotspot – A technical look at items related primarily to early editions of D&D but also occasional love for my favorite game Star Frontiers
  • Dyson’s Dodecahedron (formerly A Character for Every Game) – Amazing maps by Dyson Logos.  All are free for personal use and many are now free for commercial use thanks to his Patreon campaign
  • Explore: Beneath & Beyond – A blog exploring game design and mechanics details that is at least partially spawned by Star Frontiers.


  • Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff – Game designers and writers, Ken and Robin talk about just about anything.  Each podcast typically has four segments (called huts) were they delve into details about specific topics related to gaming, movies, food, and other items and how to use them as background or hooks in your games.
  • Fear the Boot – A general RPG podcast covering a variety of topics.
  • Saving the Game – Another general RPG podcast that starts each episode with a scripture.  They have an amazing Virtues and Vices series in their archive covering the seven deadly sins and seven virtues and how those ideas relate to gaming.
  • The Gameable Podcast (formerly known as the Gameable Disney Podcast) – A podcast reviewing all the full length Disney (and now Pixar) movies looking at how the can be used for gaming inspiration.  I learned about just recently and am still months behind on going through their archive.


Hopefully some of those blogs and podcasts will be of interest to you and help you improve your game whether it is generating ideas, being a better player, or becoming a better GM.  Do you have a favorite on-line RPG resources.  Let us know about it in the comments below.

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  1. Mike Bourke says:

    Just wanted to offer a thank-you for including Campaign Mastery and for your kind words :)

    • dagorym says:

      You’re welcome. I love your blog. I tend to get a bit behind reading it sometimes (I’m currently on the care and feeding of vehicles articles) but every one is great!

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