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Modern Warehouse Review

Modern Warehouse

Modern Warehouse

I find gaming very tedious these days. My brain does not like to accept rules that do not make sense to me, I have very little time to prepare for games, and even though I type faster than I did 20 years ago, I never seem to have enough time to type things up. It seems the older I get, the more things unrelated to gaming become a higher priority in life. As a result, I do not like to game master anymore. The amount of effort that goes into preparing for a gaming session, never seems to satify the outcome of said session. Instead I decided to help my gamemaster prepare scenarios for our game. In this particular scenario, my character managed to obtain ownership of an old abandoned warehouse on the bad side of town. The warehouse made a perfect staging point for the illicit work he was in. Unfortunately, the warehouse was being squated by a rather large bunch of gangers. After accidently stumbling onto their turf, an all-out gun fight ensued. And while the gangers were driven off, the group lost a couple members and had to quickly vacate the premesis as the police investigated the gunfire (and loud explosions).

Preparing to Enter

Preparing to Enter

The Modern warehouse is a stunning map suitable for use with minitures to create a vivid battle scene. The entire map covers 48″ x 30″ and was more than enough realestate to encompass a battle with 30+ participants. There is plenty of detail on the map that players can use for strategic fighting and plenty of wide open spaces to get caught out in the open. I purchased the physical cards along with the PDF and received the product in about a week.

The map is printed on 8″ x 10″ semi-glossy sheets of cardstock quality. The map showed no wear for the night of gaming that we put it through, and the tape we used on it came off without damaging the map. The durability seems good enough for extended use, as long as you properly stored the map after use. Storing should be easy as the sheets will fit in anything you can store standard letter sized sheets in. The original shipping container can be used to store it if nothing else.

Usability & Re-usability
If you have need of a warehouse for a pipe construction business, this is perfect for you. Of course if you have specific needs, this might not ‘seem‘ to fit in your game. It definitely did not seem ┬áright for ours; it was suppose to be an abandoned warehouse. But, all the detail inspired a backstory as to why the items were still there. We concocted a story of a business that caught fire during a gang turf war, and the building came in dispute after the owners death, to disuse, to eventual abandonment. All the item had reasonable explanations. In game, the detail of the maps proved useful as things like the dumpster would probably have been forgotten on our home drawn maps.

Re-using a map is often difficult in a contemporary game as you are always looking for new places to have interesting encounters. We managed to work this map into focal point of the game so there are many oppurtunities for reuse. It could be revenge of the original inhabitants, in our case gangers, to raids by government agencies. There can also be a follow-up mission where the group may have to break in again. A well planned campaign can make this a reoccurring location.

The Mage and Decker rush in?

The Mage and Decker rush in?

Set-up and Breakdown
The product gives you two ideas on how to set up the map. Consisting of 12 pieces, they have tendency to shift when in use. The two methods are gluing it to a backing board and taping the pieces together. I opted to tape the pieces as I wanted to be able to easily store it afterwards. Taping the pieces together took maybe 10 minutes total. I used a small section of tape on each connecting side and a piece on the corners to prevent them from catching on the miniatures being slid across the map.

Break down took a bit longer 15-20 minutes. This was due to slowly removing the tape to reduce the risk of accidentally tearing the map. Not a single piece of tape resulting in the tearing of the map.

I think the price is acceptable for what it is. It seems a tad bit high for a one time use and would like to see it under $10.00. But we plan on using the map at least 3 times and would roughly estimate $4.33 per use. You can buy the pdf and print it the map out if you have the time to trim the edges. The value of the produce would depend on your personal needs, finances, and time constraints.

Who moved those pipes?

Who moved those pipes?

The only real issues we had with the map is that we had a hard time determining doors and windows. The building wall looks like a solid piece all the way around. It took us a minute or two to determine where the doors were as well as the windows. Also the office room looks like it is suppose to be on the second floor according the picture, but the map doesn’t show a staircase going up to. This did not cause a problem in our game, as the fight did not use the office, but I could see the office as a key defensible position in a real warehouse that can overlook the warehouse floor.

If asked whether I would recommend this for purchase, I would definitely say by the pre-printed cards if you can work in multiple uses. If you are only going to use this as a one-shot fight, printing the map from the PDF may be more cost effective for you.

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  1. Jedion357 says:

    I would think it has a lot of reusability: Gangbusters, Modern, and sci fi genres of gaming.

  2. neoproxy says:

    I was speaking more from a single campaign experience. Our game master likes to make hand-painted maps on poster board when he has time. He has done maybe half a dozen so far. But we use them maybe 3 times before he retires them. The maps never refer to the same place, so when he makes a ‘restaurant’, the next time it’s a bar, and the time after that it’s a coffee house. It works fine in game, but by the 3rd time around the whole party is joking about how it looks exactly like that place they visited two encounters ago. If your group switches games a lot, you may be able to get more uses out of it. I know I used the Port Loren Map from SF an obscene amount of times. But I think playing with an older group, we like to see new locations in the game more often.

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