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Loyalty Points

Gorganmilk recently posted and article on Loyalty Points (LP) and I must admit it got me thinking. The concept of the article is that the player picks aspects of the world he is linked to and as long as he takes actions to maintain those threads, he gains a bonus tof 5% XP earned per LP. He did mention that it is the character’s ‘devotion’ to the concept and I think Devotion Points would be a better name, but that’s just me.

I have seen this used before in one of my favorite games called ‘Earthdawn’. In Earthdawn, you can choose to be a questor of one of the Passions. Basically you received questor points for performing acts of devotion for your passion. One in particular was for the Passion of Movement, you could organize a race. Depending on the size of the race, would determine how many questor points you would earn. As your questor points went up, certain abilities increased.

The reason that this struck a chord was that while talking with gaming friend relaying my idea of Fate/Chance points on how players can effect what happens in a game. He added an idea of allowing a mechanic for players to earn fate/chance points depending their acts to advance certain campaign concepts. While my mechanic is actually used to effect the character’s die rolls not XP, the way the points are earned are essentially the same. Characters tie themselves to an idea of the world and as they work towards those ideas, they gain a benefit.

In short, I think Gorgonola has a good idea that you may want to use in your games to keep the players interacting with the world (and they make good plot devices).

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