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Launching Two Sheet Locations

Sample Two Sheet Location Cover, a manilla folder with papers inside and an image papercliped to the coverJust a quick note this week to announce the launch of my line of Two Sheet Location products.  I mentioned last week that it was coming and now it is here.

I’ve put the first one, Mr. M’s Equipment Emporium, up on DriveThruRPG as a “pay what you want product”.  This is the final formatted version along with the full digital versions of the maps.  The content is basically the same as on my blog post last year with just a few corrections and additions. What the final version has that the blog post lacked is a key to all the areas on the maps.

I’m planning on putting these out at least monthly from here on out and hopefully bi-weekly eventually.  We’ll have to see how that goes.

I had actually planned a different post for today but I’ve been frantically scrambling to try and finish up the next issue of the Frontier Explorer so that post will have to wait.  I’m traveling this weekend to attend my last in-person session for my MLIS degree and hope to have some time in the evenings to get caught up a bit.

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