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Happy New Year!!!

It’s that time again, when many of us resolve to make ourselves better in some way. I like to take this time to review last year’s gaming goals and see how I’ve done.

  1. Blog more often. – I can’t say I was very successful at this one.
  2. Buy something from a local game store – Yes, yes I did.
  3. Finish the rough draft of Overburn – my Post Apocalyptic game fell to the wayside and gained no traction in the last year.
  4. Read a book – Nope.
  5. Try a new game – Aside from trying the D&D Next, I have not tried a new game.
  6. Shadowrun Minis – This has yet to come out.
  7. Compile some gaming music – :(
  8. Organize my miniatures – I forgot I wrote this.
  9. Go play at a convention – I still have yet to make it to a convention.
  10. Teach my sons a game – I am in the process of teaching my older son D&D.

Well, I must say that 2 (3 if you are kind) out of 10 is a terrible track record. Where does my time go? So I must resolve to complete these. I am going to attempt to focus these for the new year. Hopefully I will do better.

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