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Happy New Year 2019

Bright Moons Walker,

Every year I try to do a New Years Resolution Resolution for gaming. In addition, this year I have created Core Values by which to focus my attention. For those that have not looked into Core Values, I was influenced by James Clear’s article entitled Let Your Values Drive Your Choices. His take on core values and doing an integrity report hit home with me and I am hoping it will drive me more to be more productive in the coming year.

Here is a list of my Core Values.

  1. Authenticity – Authenticity is difficult for me. I often feel that I am not being authentic and have ulterior motives. For example, when I create something for gaming, my hope is to make money off of it. I feel that if I state this publicly, then people would not want to purchase my material. I feel it is better to just be open and if people support my hobby, great. If not, that is fine too. I hope by being transparent, I can feel better about my choices.
  2. Contribution – I like the idea of being part of a greater whole, but like many, I am introverted and hold many of my ideas to myself. I have become opinionated and somewhat of a grognard among my friends. I hope that I can contribute to an RPG community.
  3. Responsibility – To hold myself accountable to carry through on what I start. I used to be very motivated to write gaming material, but never to the point of polish and then share it with others. I think thank in order to complete some task, I need to take responsibility for my own work. As some of my friends know, responsibility is one of my lowest strength. Not because I am not responsible, but because I can see when the responsibility belongs to someone else and it relieves me of having to do it. I would like to take more of that responsibility back and continue when others are unable to assist, or it appears low on my priorities.
  4. Community – Along with contribution, I would like to be part of a community. This seems counter to making your hobby your business. I hope that I can overcome this goal and be more outgoing so that I can reach a balance between the two.
  5. Creativity – I have very strong ideas on how things should be in particular settings/games. I am told that I am a very creative person, but I feel that I fairly set in what I believe. I hope to expand my creativity in new ways so that items that I would normally rail against (grognard mode) I can embrace and perhaps glean new ideas.
  6. Happiness – As hard as it was to narrow down my list of Core Values; and I could not leave out happiness. It is my hope that I can regain some of that wonder I had for gaming when I was young. This is probably my most important Core Value, as we all want to be happy. Too often I see how others play and I get agitated because I think they are playing wrong, even when I believe there is no wrong way to play. I hope I can be a better gamer and be happy in the moment then dwell on how I feel the game should be played.

Well, there it is, my Core Values, posted for anyone to call me out on. We will see at the end of the year how my integrity report fills out (if I can stick with it this year). And Now for my new year’s resolutions. Some of these are repeats from years past, intermixed with what I would like now.

Grayven’s Gaming Resolution

  1. MMO Less.
  2. Blog more often
  3. Buy something from a local game store
  4. Create more on Patreon
  5. Read a book
  6. Try a new game
  7. Paint more minis
  8. Organize my miniatures
  9. Take my boys to a convention
  10. Create an epic Dragon Slaying Scenario

I did not elaborate on these but intend to share these as I accomplish them. I hope you all have a great new year with many adventures and close calls. As always, take what you like and leave the rest for the next traveler.

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