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Favorite NPC’s: Homie the Puppet

RPG Blog Carnival

Since this month we’re hosting the Blog Carnival (thanks to¬†dagorym) I decided I would do a couple of my favorite NPCs. One of the funnest NPCs I got to play was an individual named Homie. Homie was a puppet familiar that was owned by my GMs character from another group. By some weird turn of events he became the player and I the game master.

For those who do not know, a puppet familiar is a special magical item that a wizard can imbue with his own life force to bring to life, something akin to a homunculus in my opinion. Now this particular puppet familiar was named Homie. Since he was fully in my control as a GM, I played Homie an impishly curious helper with a high pitched voice to match. Homie would often give them away when sneaking about or yelling insults in delicate conversation. Homie often asked to be hurled at the enemy in combat to help. This was almost never done as it was a familiar and could be used against the wizard to great effect.

The greatest trick that Homie played on his master was befriending a kodragon and disappearing for half a day. Once the found, Homie pretended to cast a spell, using grand gestures using yarn to weave threads of magic through the air. The wizard assumed that this was just another of the puppet’s stunts until Homie started floating in the air. The player was convinced that some evil entity had control of his familiar and Homie led the party on a merry chase as the puppet’s invisible kodragon friend carried him through the streets of town.

I believe that Homie provided the group with unbridled comic relief countered with unrelenting frustration. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend playing a difficult character that the party can’t ever get rid of.

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