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Down for the count

Well I almost made my goal of posting once a week for a year.  But as you may have noticed, I missed last week and the last month or so has been all over the place for the time of posting instead of hitting my regular Tuesday morning schedule.  I almost posted a “no post this week” post but felt that would have been a cop-out and for the most part, want to make my posts at least peripherally relevant (although this one is kind of stretching it).

I’d like to say that things will pick up and get back to normal but unfortunately that isn’t going to be the case.  My school load and family stuff have been extra heavy this semester and have seriously cut into any time I have for blog and game related stuff.  Plus I”ve been sick.  So much so that my magazine, Frontier Explorer, is likely going to come out late as well for the first time in 14 issues (over 3 years).  I’ve been putting every spare moment into that and it’s still a couple weeks behind schedule.  On the flip side, I’ve been working with the old Star Frontiersman editor, Larry Moore, and we’re working on a new Star Frontiersman offering in a new and smaller format.  Stay tuned for more information as we figure everything out.

However, come the first of the year (or maybe sooner, but not likely) I should be able to get back to my regular posting schedule and topics.  In the mean time, posting may be sporadic as I try to get everything done.  I’m hoping that by Thanksgiving things will have settled out but it may take as long as Christmas.

In the mean time, go check out the following blog posts by Joe Nuttall on his Explore: Beneath & Beyond blog (and then dig though his archive for a variety of great posts).  They are a discussion of when (and when not) die rolls are needed in gaming and dove tail nicely with some of the thoughts I had in my last post about die rolls.  He also has had a few posts about pre-game rolls so that he can make those secret checks without the players knowing but using rolls the players themselves had made.  All in all, some good advice and ideas.  Here’s the links to his posts on the topic:

Have fun and keep gaming.

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  1. Joe Nuttall says:

    Thanks for the compliments – glad you found my posts interesting. From your post on rolling dice I’ll definitely be using your idea “Failure is a lot easier to take when there is a story associated with it.”

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