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Pen and Paper… Who Uses Pens??? —

This is not a pet peeve of mine, but every time a I see a reference to table top role-playing as a ‘pen and paper game’, it makes me chuckle and I wonder if I’ve had some abnormal/alternate earth gaming experience. When I got into role-playing, everything was written in pencil. The volatile nature of [...]

Dice, Rulebooks, Actions? —

Deliberating on what to discuss on the blog is sometimes baffling as I have chosen not to follow D&D, the game that introduced me to the world of role-playing. As such, some of my issues with gaming are not standard, and possibly unrelated to problems of other gamers. Trying to sanitize data for others to [...]

Simple vs. Complex Games —

Trying to keep up with the blog this new year and not let too much time go between posts. I was doing some work on my game for this Friday when I got this facebook update from a colleague. Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius [...]

Adventure on the Cheap —

Today was a good day for bargain game hunting. While I am not an advocate for the new Dungeons and Dragons, I do enjoy reading adventures, good and otherwise, for inspiration. I am even willing to pay if the price is reasonable. While visiting the local used book store, Half-Price Books, I came across two [...]

Game Continuity —

Well, I have waited too long since I posted an article. The year started off good and, as usual, life churns and everything becomes a tangled mess of putting out fires. This brings me to the topic I would like to discuss in this post, Game Continuity. Game continuity is something I learned at an [...]

How Wounded are You? —

Combat is one of the most time consuming elements of any role-playing game. I remember long drawn out actions scenes that enhanced the story we were creating. As I have progressed in my gaming years, the focus has moved away from details for efficiency, sacrificing fluff for crunch if you will. While this may work [...]

Timing is Everything —

So your players have just crashed in on your nefarious mastermind behind the current adventure. After some light banter, one of your players make an unexpected maneuver and may possibly end the encounter prematurely. You really hadn’t planned for them to punk your billy bad guy, but they are a creative lot. What should you [...]