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A Cursed Ring – RPG Blog Carnival —

The topic for this month’s RPG Blog Carnival is curses and cursed items.  The carnival this month is being hosted by Johnn Four at Role Playing Tips.  When I read the topic, I immediately knew I had to share the story of my first character as a new player in a new gaming group and [...]

RPG Blog Carnival – What Season is it Anyway? —

This month’s RPG Blog carnival is being hosted by Phil over at Tales of a GM and the topic is Summerland – topics related to the season of summer.  In reading through his post, I realized that dealing with seasons was not something I usually did or even thought about when running a game. There [...]

The Combat Experience: Complexity —

I meant to write something up for the April Blog Carnival, but alas time is fleeting away with so many other endeavors about. Regardless, speaking on The Combat Experience is something I do often and will regale you with my wit and knowledge… ok, maybe not, but I still offer my opinion. There are a [...]