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Variation on a trap —

I was playing Star Frontiers with my kids last night and they dreamed up a trap far worse than what was actually there.  They are in the last section of the SF-1: Volturnus, Planet of Mystery module (PDF). Warning: spoilers for the adventure.  If you’re a player in this module stop reading now! In this [...]

Modern Warehouse Review —

I find gaming very tedious these days. My brain does not like to accept rules that do not make sense to me, I have very little time to prepare for games, and even though I type faster than I did 20 years ago, I never seem to have enough time to type things up. It [...]

RPG Review, a review —

Recently came across the RPG Review fan magazine: Its a 60 page RPG fan magazine with each issue having a theme: Apocalyse, Cthulu Mythos, all things GURPs, Monsters and Aliens and etc. Submissions are accepted for all systems and rules. The production values are good, layout is clean and simple, though the illustrations are [...]

My Favorite RPG That I Never Played —

As a kid I use to look at the ads in Dragon Magazine or Space Gamer magazine and wonder at all the interesting gaming materials that my local book store never carried. The Paranoia RPG was at the top of the list. More than a few years later I discovered the world’s biggest yard sale, [...]

Role Playing in the Internet Age —

Its 2013 and we are connected even more than ever through the internet. I have carried on conversations and played in games with people who were on other continents. It might be possible to eventually organize a game with participants on all of the world’s continents.  When you cannot locate players for a role playing [...]

Azamar by Wicked North Games —

Ever wanted to be part of the creation of a new game? Now here is your chance; Wicked North Games is nearing the final segment to produce their first role-playing game, Azamar. They are asking the role-playing community to help support their first effort by making a pledge in the production run of the game. [...]

Dresden Files RPG —

For the first new years resolution, I would like to inform everyone that I will be play testing The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game. I don’t know much about the game other than it is a dark fantasy in a contemporary setting. The system uses the Fate version of the Fudge system. A system I have [...]

Hammerfast Review —

For my first review of the new year I chose the D&D 4th Edition supplement, Hammerfast. This is significant for three reasons: First, I loath D&D fourth edition. I will not go into my reasons for disliking fourth edition as that is not the point of this review. Just know that I chose the word [...]