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Advantage vs. Boon —

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) introduced us to a new mechanic called ‘Advantage’. It significantly changes the way I play the game and it makes the game faster and more enjoyable. Instead of calculating and pluses or minuses based on various rules to give your character as much primacy, which I am using in place of [...]

Designing Out Loud – Void Jumping —

This post is running a little behind as I’ve been swamped with end of semester projects. One down, two to go.  Next week’s post might get impacted as well. My last two articles (one, two), part of the November RPG blog carnival, talked about the unexpected in Void Jump travel. In this article I want [...]

Loyalty Points —

Gorganmilk recently posted and article on Loyalty Points (LP) and I must admit it got me thinking. The concept of the article is that the player picks aspects of the world he is linked to and as long as he takes actions to maintain those threads, he gains a bonus tof 5% XP earned per [...]

Role Playing Game Manifesto: The Mechanics —

For the last several months, I have been discussing axiomatic gaming theory. We spent several lunches trying to boil an RPG down to its basic parts. Much to our chagrin, we could not find a single rule that must be done in every situation. The closest we came was that an RPG has to tell [...]

Dice, Rulebooks, Actions? —

Deliberating on what to discuss on the blog is sometimes baffling as I have chosen not to follow D&D, the game that introduced me to the world of role-playing. As such, some of my issues with gaming are not standard, and possibly unrelated to problems of other gamers. Trying to sanitize data for others to [...]