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Gems from D&D 4th Edition: Vignettes —

This is the second in this series of blogs on Gems I found in the D&D 4.0 rules, specifically the Dungeon Master’s Guides.  The first post was here: The DMG2 opens its section on vignettes with this statement, “Add moments of character interaction to your game with vignettes- specially shaped scenes in which players [...]

Resources for Campaign Design —

Today’s post was inspired by yesterday’s Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #577. I thought I’d share a couple of the great resources I’ve found recently. Roleplaying Tips The Roleplaying Tips Newsletter is put out by Johnn Four.  You get 2-3 emails a week with various ideas and links to resources primarily aimed at GMs and designers.  I’ve [...]

Random Spacecraft Clutter —

Just a random item table today.  It never hurts to have random everyday items lying around to add life to your setting.  Today’s list is things you might find laying around on-board a spacecraft, whether in an empty room, going through a closest, or just scattered in a corner.  Some might be useful, some might [...]

RPG Miniatures and Tokens —

Combat in a roleplaying game can be a difficult beast to manage. As I was cleaning the multitude of old links in my browser, I stumbled across this video for a gaming table. I thought initially, “Wow, this is awesome.” The clip gives a good demonstration oh how it is used. Reviewing the video, I [...]

Obsidian Portal Shout —

For a while, I wanted to give kudos to the guys at Obsidian Portal. While the site began as a simple wiki for listing your game site, anyone who has created a website for a game knows the head-ache of not only providing content, but making sure the site is functional. While the site is [...]