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A Couple Small Thoughts —

The Explore: Beneath & Beyond Blog I just wanted to give a shout out to Joe Nuttall (I wonder if he’s somehow related to my wife, Nuttall isn’t a common last name) and his blog Explore: Beneath & Beyond.  His most recent article, Roll With It, provides an elegant solution to handling the tricky problem [...]

Some Numbers on the PWYW Experiment —

Back in February, I posted about running a little experiment looking at pay-what-you-want (PWYW) verses free products.  This is the promised follow up post talking about the numbers. The Plan Let’s start with a quick recap of the plan for the experiment.  If you just reread the original article, you can skip this part and [...]

Shrine of the Harvest Goddess Map —

When the Shrine of the Harvest Goddess Two Sheet Location when up on DriveThruRPG it contained this map: The file is labeled as having a grid but if you’re not looking closely you’ll miss it as it is only in the structure on the left of the structure.  @AkieshaRoberts commented about it and I told [...]

A Year in Preview – 2016 —

Readers (if I have any) may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a while.  The holidays got me kind of swamped.  I have been doing a bunch of writing, just not on the blog (more on that later). It’s a new year and while it’s kind of cliche, it’s a time for retrospection [...]

Down for the count —

Well I almost made my goal of posting once a week for a year.  But as you may have noticed, I missed last week and the last month or so has been all over the place for the time of posting instead of hitting my regular Tuesday morning schedule.  I almost posted a “no post [...]

Perception Checks and Other “Secret” Rolls —

Note: This post was supposed to go up on Wednesday but for some reason the site was having issues and not letting me save the post or upload images.  Everything seems to be figured out now.  Sorry about the delay. I was listening to episode 234 of the Gamerstable podcast which was about tension and [...]