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Why I Dislike Monstrous Characters —

Let us start by determining what a monstrous character is. A monstrous character is character, be it Player Character (PC) or Non-Player Character (NPC), whose race is considered a ‘monster’ by the general populace of the world. In D&D I would consider the races of aarakocra, goliath, tieflings and even drow as monstrous races. I’m [...]

A Couple Small Thoughts —

The Explore: Beneath & Beyond Blog I just wanted to give a shout out to Joe Nuttall (I wonder if he’s somehow related to my wife, Nuttall isn’t a common last name) and his blog Explore: Beneath & Beyond.  His most recent article, Roll With It, provides an elegant solution to handling the tricky problem [...]

Some Numbers on the PWYW Experiment —

Back in February, I posted about running a little experiment looking at pay-what-you-want (PWYW) verses free products.  This is the promised follow up post talking about the numbers. The Plan Let’s start with a quick recap of the plan for the experiment.  If you just reread the original article, you can skip this part and [...]

Shrine of the Harvest Goddess Map —

When the Shrine of the Harvest Goddess Two Sheet Location when up on DriveThruRPG it contained this map: The file is labeled as having a grid but if you’re not looking closely you’ll miss it as it is only in the structure on the left of the structure.  @AkieshaRoberts commented about it and I told [...]

A Year in Preview – 2016 —

Readers (if I have any) may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a while.  The holidays got me kind of swamped.  I have been doing a bunch of writing, just not on the blog (more on that later). It’s a new year and while it’s kind of cliche, it’s a time for retrospection [...]

Down for the count —

Well I almost made my goal of posting once a week for a year.  But as you may have noticed, I missed last week and the last month or so has been all over the place for the time of posting instead of hitting my regular Tuesday morning schedule.  I almost posted a “no post [...]