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A Quick Death on Four Legs —

A little bit of fiction for today’s post. The attack came several hours later.  Meekail had ordered a stop and a chance for everyone to get out and stretch their legs after having been cooped up in the explorers the entire time.  They had caught glimpses of something large and silvery a couple of times [...]

Opening Shots —

Another bit of short fiction while I finish up my projects for the semester.  Science fiction this time. The captain of the Pale Star Ship Chiara stared at the view from his ship’s telescope. They were finally close enough to the unknown ships to start to make out details. From what he saw, they were [...]

A Fateful Night —

Omri stood at the base of the statue gazing up at the face of his goddess. He could hear the sounds of fighting approaching the church. “What would you have me do?” His communion with the goddess was interrupted as the main doors to the church were quickly opened and slammed shut. “They’re almost here,” [...]