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3D Modeling – CSS Nightwind —

This is another model of my own design.  I originally designed the Nightwind back in 2012 for the Star Frontiers Virtual Con were it featured as the center piece in an adventure I ran.  It later appeared in the inaugural issue of the Frontier Explorer with complete deck plans and descriptions.  I’m planning on running [...]

3D Modeling – Engines —

After making the Assault Scout miniature, I decided to do a miniature for the other small ship that I had designed, the CSS Nightwind.  The Nightwind is a small freighter about the same size as the Sathar Destroyer.  As with the Assault Scout, I figured I’d start with the engines.  I liked the design of [...]

3d Modeling – The Assault Scout – part 1 —

This particular modeling project started not with wanting to reproduce the miniature but rather because Jay Thurman made this absolutely amazing 3D model of the Assault Scout in Sketchup (pictured here).  In fact, I liked this model so much that we used it to create the cover for issue 9 of the Frontier Explorer.  I [...]

3D Modeling – Sathar Destroyer —

As I mentioned in the introduction to this series, the sathar destroyer was first model I created.  I had just finished working on the Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual and wanted a miniature of the ship.  As I have much more of an engineering/draftsman mindset and approach to things, I figured that turning the existing deck [...]

Starting a 3D Modeling Journey —

I think it is safe to say that we can blame this upcoming series of posts on Delta from the Delta’s D&D Hotspot blog.  In 2013 he did a series of posts every Saturday that was usually about my favorite game, Star Frontiers, which got me following his blog.  Specifically, the impetus for this particular [...]