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Advantage vs. Boon

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) introduced us to a new mechanic called ‘Advantage’. It significantly changes the way I play the game and it makes the game faster and more enjoyable. Instead of calculating and pluses or minuses based on various rules to give your character as much primacy, which I am using in place of the word advantage, in any given situation, a character simply shifts to an advantageous or disadvantageous situation. To use Advantage, you merely roll two D20s take the better of the two rolls. It’s a fairly elegant solution and saves lots of time, but it seems to have lost its luster to me.

Recently, I came across ‘Shadows of the Demon Lord’ a near-apocalyptic dark fantasy game by Robert J. Schwalb. In the system, they use boons and banes. Plus or minus 1d6 added to your d20 roll that adjusts your die roll. I like the idea of this because you can have as many boons or banes that can be justified. You only get to keep the highest d6, so having multiples is beneficial, but you still top out at 6. I’m curious as to how this would play out in a game instead of the standard D&D Advantage rules.

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