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About Us

One of my favorite portions of a website is the ‘About Us’ page. It imparts insight to the reader about the people who created the content on that sometime dark and lonely corner of the internet.

Neoproxy (Stan Brown) is the self proclaimed Lord of Gryphons, going to heights that eagles dare not soar. He has  been gaming for 30 years, give or take, and spent many a season in the game master chair until he found one day that he had lost his zeal for it. His players have heaped more praise on him than he feels he deserves, but he has a unique view on gaming that he can debate quite effectively. He believes in fluff over crunch and prefers that players act as if in a John Wu film that worry if the rules will allow it. His favorite genre is Post Apocalyptic, fantasy RPG: earthdawn, space RPG: Star Frontiers. He is (@neoproxy) on twitter.

dagorym  (Tom Stephens) is a software developer by day, game designer and author by night, and father of six full time.  Tom has a Ph.D in Astronomy and works as a software developer for NASA.  He also writes and edits for the Frontier Explorer magazine and writes novels and games which he publishes through New Frontier Games, both endeavors he started with co-blogger Tom V.  You will also find him lurking (under the name of Terl Obar) about his Star Frontiers website, the Star Frontiers Network, and the Star Frontiers site at both of which he hosts on his server.  He also occasionally writes on his tech blog, Programming Space, and posts on Twitter (@dagorym) and Google+.

jedion357 (Tom Verreault) has been gaming since the ’80 with a 20 year hiatus for silly lings like “real life”. His first love is science fiction and pretty much all things Star Frontiers. Naturally he would end up contributing to two different fan magazines dedicated to Star Frontiers and Sci-Fi in general. Recently, due to the lack of fresh Star Frontiers artwork available to illustrate Star Frontier’s articles he embarked on a mission to dust off dormant skills in drawing that have lain dormant for 25 years and is attempting to attend art school part time. A self styled “idea whore” he loves to grab inspiration and ideas that enter the reach of his gravity well and reshape them into new sci-fi and Star Frontiers material. He still participates in real life but has learned to not take it as serious as he used to.

PhistoRoboto (Glennish Clarke) is to be determined.

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