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A GM’s New Year’s Resolution List

Another year of gaming has passed. I always try to start the new year on a positive note and this year I won’t break tradition. I’ve seen some people bemoan those who set resolutions or make goals, calling them a waste of time, or unrealistic, but the paladin in me will not give into such defeatist attitude, especially this early into the new year. Since I have made the goal of posting on my first Friday, hopefully, I will make some regular contributions to Interwebs of Lolth (oh my, that’s an interesting idea). But for those of you who know me, and even those that don’t, I present to you my New Year’s Resolutions of Gaming:

  • Blog more – I have been terrible about blogging and every year I say I’m going to blog more. Perhaps this year will be the year that I am able to keep up with that. To that end I am setting myself a goal of 24 blog posts, which is incredibly low, but at least its something to try and keep track of.
  • Try a new game system – It is always good to try something new. I have found myself falling victim of sticking to things I’m used to. This year I want to play a new system for at least 10 sessions.
  • Play more board games – I have a friend who hosts a board game night every Friday and I almost never go. I am going to try an play 12 new board games this year.
  • Read Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan & Switzler – As I get older, I find that I value my own opinion more over others. This book is suppose to help with constructive conversation.
  • Run a game for my kids – My kids have been clamoring for me to run a game. I think it is about time to start a campaign.
  • Go play at a convention – I love the concept of a convention, but never seem to go. Perhaps taking my boys to a convention will happen this year.
  • Pull out a RPG I haven’t played in a while and play it – My gaming collection has dwindled over the years, but I still have a few gems to play.
  • Buy something from a local game store – As I have become more comfortable with purchasing from the web, I like to keep this one in order to support the local gaming community.
  • Produce some on-line gaming content – While I have a lot of opinions on gaming, I don’t normally finding myself putting these opinions down for others to use. I am hoping to actually produce stuff that people can download.

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