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A Couple Small Thoughts

The Explore: Beneath & Beyond Blog

I just wanted to give a shout out to Joe Nuttall (I wonder if he’s somehow related to my wife, Nuttall isn’t a common last name) and his blog Explore: Beneath & Beyond.  His most recent article, Roll With It, provides an elegant solution to handling the tricky problem of requiring the same skill check over and over and the basic fact of mathematics that probabilities multiply, thereby ensuring that you are going to eventually fail one of the rolls.

This is just one of many excellent articles on Joe’s blog going over the mechanics and ideas that he is incorporating into the game system he’s developing.  If you’re interested in looking at game mechanics and detailed analyses of how choices of the mechanics impact the game, I highly recommend following Joe’s posts.  (Plus it doesn’t hurt that he has a soft spot in his heart for Star Frontiers.)  I look forward to each of his articles as they prompt me to think about ideas and mechanics for my games.

Two Sheet Locations Update

Just after I posted the article last week, I put the next Two Sheet Location, Per’s Gadgets and Computers, up for sale on DriveThruRPG.  Starting with this location and for all others going forward, the Two Sheet Locations will have a list price of $0.99.  As expected the number of downloads plummeted since there now is a price attached instead of it being free.  Also, I don’t think it made it into the weekly newsletter in the New Products section because I never saw a newsletter come out.  It seems they skipped a week.  Although my e-mail was being weird that day so maybe it just got lost on my end.  If anyone did get the weekly DTRPG newsletter on May 19, I’d be interested to know if Per’s Gadgets and Computers made it in.

However, from a revenue standpoint, the result has been positive.  I’ve only had 7 downloads in the 6 days since I made the item available but it has generated more revenue than either Mr. M’s or the Blue Pearl Grotto.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming months as I release more of these locations.

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