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3D Modeling – CSS Nightwind – Printing and Painting

By the time you’re reading this, I’m off camping.  Here are the final details on the printing and painting of the Nightwind model.  For details on the creation of the model, you can read my first post from last week.

Printing revisited

In the first post on the Nightwind, I forgot that I had videotaped the printing.  Presented here is a time lapse, speed up by a factor of 16, of the printing of the Nightwind model.  This was the first video I made so I was adjusting the camera height at the beginning to get the best angle.  I also realized afterward that I need an additional light source to illuminate under the print head so you can see better.  But still, it’s pretty cool.  I have videos of some of the other models that I’ll include with their write-ups as well.

And here are some (non-fuzzy) images of the finished model from that print.  Click on them for full resolution.

Two views of the printed Nightwind model

The vertical feature you see on the right in both images is not the break in the cargo bay doors as you might expect.  You can see that it runs up into the head of the ship as well.  This is actually the “z-scar” which is caused by uneven plastic extrusion when the object is moved on the z-axis.  In this case it’s a depression but on some printers it is a bump.  It’s definitely more noticeable on this model than on some of the others I’ve printed.

Removing Supports

Removing the raft and supports that his model was printed on is quite straightforward.  The raft separates quite easily.  There are only minimal supports under the fuselage and the engine struts and these pull off quite easily with a pair of needle-nose pliers


For this model I decided to go with a basic reflective hull (silver) with some company color highlights.  The Nightwind was designed and developed by the Cassidine Development Corporation (CDC for short) and in my game CDC’s corporate colors are blue and green.  So the plan was to use those colors to highlight bits of the ship and to emblazon the company logo down it’s side.  We’ll see how it turned out.

The Nightwind model painted completely silver.

Nightwind’s base reflective hull. Not the best angle but it does show some of the features of the model.

First I started by applying the base reflective hull. This was done with a silver spray enamel and it was just given a good coating.  I considered buying some silver mirror coating paint for a truly reflective paint coat but the paint was designed for glass and not plastic so it may not have worked very well (Plus I didn’t really want to spend the $$ on it just to test it).

Next I did the engines. Originally I had thought to make the raised portions green with the rest of the engine blue but once I sat down to paint, I decided to just go with a blue stripe down the lower portion of the engine with the upper relief painted green and leaving the body of the engine the reflective hull silver.

Next came highlights around the cargo bay doors and other hatches and air locks.  At least that was the plan.  I did the highlights (in black) around the cargo bay doors but in looking at the model, decided the steadiness of my hand and my painting skill were not up to the challenge of doing the bay doors at the tail of the ship and in the neck.  In the end, I just left those silver.  You can see them but it’s only in natural shadows without any highlights.  I might revisit this bit later after I’ve gained a bit of confidence in my skills.  Here’s a picture of the engines and the cargo bay doors.

The fully painted model as described in the text.

The Nightwind painted.

Finally I did the company logo on the fuselage.  In this case, the logo is just the letters CDC with the same shape being used for the C’s and the D but with it reversed for the D.  I also make the C’s green and the D blue.  Here’s the back side of the ship with the corporate logo emblazoned on it.

Other side of the Nightwind with the CDC logo on it.

I considered doing something with the head of the ship but in the end couldn’t decided on anything.  Normally I’d do the weapons in silver but they already are.  I considered using gold there but didn’t really like that idea.  So for now I’ve just left that entire portion with it’s base reflective hull.  If I have a good idea I can always revisit this portion of the ship later as well.

What do you think of the paint scheme?  What should be added or removed?  Any suggestions for the head of the ship?  Post your comments below.


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