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On Space Combat —

I listen to several podcasts during the week on my way to and from work and when working around the house.  Most of them are RPG podcasts and one of those is Fear the Boot.  Last week in their bonus episode #60, Dan had a wonderful solo episode where he talked about Capital Ship Combat.  [...]

Calculating Planetary Orbital Periods —

In my previous article on determining the current season, I showed that you needed to know the length of the world’s year in order to track the season.  But what if you don’t know the length of the year.  Maybe you’ve got a setting book that gives the orbital distance but not the year length, [...]

Building a Laser Rifle —

Laser guns are a staple of science fiction books, movies, and games.  The questions that always come to mind (to me at least) when thinking about hand held laser weapons are how realistic are they and how long until I can get one?  On that thought, this video wandered across my RSS feeds the other [...]

RPG Blog Carnival – What Season is it Anyway? —

This month’s RPG Blog carnival is being hosted by Phil over at Tales of a GM and the topic is Summerland – topics related to the season of summer.  In reading through his post, I realized that dealing with seasons was not something I usually did or even thought about when running a game. There [...]

The Combat Experience: Complexity —

I meant to write something up for the April Blog Carnival, but alas time is fleeting away with so many other endeavors about. Regardless, speaking on The Combat Experience is something I do often and will regale you with my wit and knowledge… ok, maybe not, but I still offer my opinion. There are a [...]