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The Role of Miniatures —

Role-playing games (RPGs) have always been about using your imagination; yet RPGs got its start in tactical miniature games. If you read the history of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), you will find that “it was derived from miniature wargames”. Often the use of miniatures (minis) has mixed feelings in RPG circles, devolving exciting, imaginative action [...]

3D Modeling – CSS Nightwind —

This is another model of my own design.  I originally designed the Nightwind back in 2012 for the Star Frontiers Virtual Con were it featured as the center piece in an adventure I ran.  It later appeared in the inaugural issue of the Frontier Explorer with complete deck plans and descriptions.  I’m planning on running [...]

Writing Doldrums —

dol·drums /ˈdōldrəmz,ˈdäldrəmz/ noun plural noun: doldrums a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression. This has been me and writing recently.  Okay, not the depression part, just the inactivity and stagnation. The truth is that it’s really a time management issue.  I actually have lots of great ideas I want to write about, I [...]

Running behind —

In finishing up the second semester of my masters program, plus publishing issue 12 of the Frontier Explorer (you can get it here on the FE website or here on DriveThru RPG), my regular blog post kind of fell through the cracks.  And it’s been cloudy so no observing.  I hope to have another post [...]