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Notes for tonight's game: TPK!!!

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Swamped —

While there is probably a great post on environmental effects hiding somewhere behind that title, this unfortunately is not it.  The last week has been simply insane and I haven’t had time to get a post together for the blog.  Craziness included: A cold/flu – something hit me early last week and still hasn’t completely [...]

Best GM Ever – March RPG Blog Carnival —

This month’s blog carnival is discussing the best GM ever.  When I read this month’s topic, I knew immediately who I would be talking about.  That was my GM from high school, John Scott Clegg. At the time, Scott had been running games for around thirty years and regularly every Saturday in his house for [...]

Various News Items —

A short post this week with just a couple of announcements related to my various gaming endeavors. Frontier NetCon 2015 After putting out feelers on various social media outlets, I discovered that there was quite a bit of interest to have an on-line gaming con to get people together to play Star Frontiers.  We held [...]

3D Modeling – Engines —

After making the Assault Scout miniature, I decided to do a miniature for the other small ship that I had designed, the CSS Nightwind.  The Nightwind is a small freighter about the same size as the Sathar Destroyer.  As with the Assault Scout, I figured I’d start with the engines.  I liked the design of [...]