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Modern Warehouse Review —

I find gaming very tedious these days. My brain does not like to accept rules that do not make sense to me, I have very little time to prepare for games, and even though I type faster than I did 20 years ago, I never seem to have enough time to type things up. It [...]

Art imitating Art —

This isn’t really a gaming post but I don’t care. I just picked up a used book on Winslow Homer’s art and saw his “Prisoners to the Front” for the first time and wow the scene is recreated in the movie Gettysburgh (1993). Nice touch by Maxwell putting this in his movie. Homer’s work is [...]

Happy New Year!!! —

It’s that time again, when many of us resolve to make ourselves better in some way. I like to take this time to review last year’s gaming goals and see how I’ve done. Blog more often. – I can’t say I was very successful at this one. Buy something from a local game store – [...]