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Archive for May, 2013

Fudging Player Agency —

There is a lot of talk on player agency on the net. Looking at my own game mastering style, I have been trying to determine just how much agency I rob from players. After a late night discussion with a player I pondered the ad-hoc nature of role-playing. As a game master, it is nigh [...]

Yielder Post 23 —

Well it looks like a double-post day. Following the advice of dagorym  in Resources for Campaign Design, I signed up  for Johnn Four’s “Roleplaying Tips“(He can be kinda forceful like that). I am certainly glad I did cause the first email I got had two articles that I could use instantly. If you haven’t signed up [...]

Overburn: The Yielders —

The fight was over. I could see it on the peoples faces. They had no fight left in them. I felt that I had let them down. I talked them into the fight. Now the raiders would take whomever they wanted, and kill the rest. I prayed, to a god I have never known, I [...]

Resources for Campaign Design —

Today’s post was inspired by yesterday’s Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #577. I thought I’d share a couple of the great resources I’ve found recently. Roleplaying Tips The Roleplaying Tips Newsletter is put out by Johnn Four.  You get 2-3 emails a week with various ideas and links to resources primarily aimed at GMs and designers.  I’ve [...]

Taking RPGs Back To Their Roots —

The history of role playing games begins with table top war games and explains why the company that brought us Dungeons & Dragons started out as TSR: Tactical Study Rules. As a kid with my first boxed set of Basic D&D rules I always found the name TSR odd till I learned the war gaming [...]

The Auld Ionic That Is Glee —

I recently purchased Netflix to have some choices for the kids to watch. My wife got into watching the show Glee for its off-beat renditions of popular songs. While I did enjoy the mash-ups, what really made this show enjoyable were the comments of Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch). Her acidic tongue and clever [...]

Campaigns I’d Like To Run – Power Play —

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival topic is “Campaigns I’d Like To Run” and is hosted by the Age of Ravens blog.  Every GM has a campaign or two up their sleeve that they would love to trot out and play.  But invariably they lack the time, the players, or just already have too much going [...]

Role Playing Game Manifesto: The Mechanics —

For the last several months, I have been discussing axiomatic gaming theory. We spent several lunches trying to boil an RPG down to its basic parts. Much to our chagrin, we could not find a single rule that must be done in every situation. The closest we came was that an RPG has to tell [...]

Random Spacecraft Clutter —

Just a random item table today.  It never hurts to have random everyday items lying around to add life to your setting.  Today’s list is things you might find laying around on-board a spacecraft, whether in an empty room, going through a closest, or just scattered in a corner.  Some might be useful, some might [...]

Role Playing in the Internet Age —

Its 2013 and we are connected even more than ever through the internet. I have carried on conversations and played in games with people who were on other continents. It might be possible to eventually organize a game with participants on all of the world’s continents.  When you cannot locate players for a role playing [...]