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The Prisoner —

This past weekend I had the pleasure/displeasure of watch the AMC miniseries ‘The Prisoner’. It looked like a good movie and starred Ian McKellen, or as I like call him ‘Gandalf, and Jim Caviezel. After watching the movie, I was left in a wierd state and torn between loving the film and hating it. I [...]

D&D Coloring Book —

I found this on Aeron Alfrey’s blog, Monser Brains. I really didn’t recall this book until I got to the picture of Tiamat. I recalled that page, and the page with the griffin. ┬áMy boys saw what I was doing and asked that I print them a page. My youngest chose Tiamat and his brother [...]

Happy New Year —

With new year on the horizon, I would like to take the time wish everyone a prosperous new year. the question for today is: How do you celebrate the new year? Aside from the traditional ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ we decided to try out some other New Year traditions from other cultures. In many Latin American [...]