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Archive for February, 2011

Chances of Success —

I was thinking today on probability of success for a die system that uses multiple of the same die. Similar to Shadowrun, World of Darkness, 7th Sea, etc, I wondered what the actual percentages were for the various polyhedrons used in gaming. So I sat down at my computer and drafted up the following chart. [...]

Azamar by Wicked North Games —

Ever wanted to be part of the creation of a new game? Now here is your chance; Wicked North Games is nearing the final segment to produce their first role-playing game, Azamar. They are asking the role-playing community to help support their first effort by making a pledge in the production run of the game. [...]

RPG Miniatures and Tokens —

Combat in a roleplaying game can be a difficult beast to manage. As I was cleaning the multitude of old links in my browser, I stumbled across this video for a gaming table. I thought initially, “Wow, this is awesome.” The clip gives a good demonstration oh how it is used. Reviewing the video, I [...]

The Secret War of Gnomes and Leprechauns —

Unbeknownst to most gamers, there has been gnomish conspiracy to keep leprechauns out of fantasy roleplaying games. The INLA, Irish National Leprechaun Army, has been suspected of retaliating by slandering the gnomish image. Many historical documents depicting gnomes have been modified by adding conical, and comical, hats to traditional pictures of gnomes. The dunce-like gnome [...]

Dresden Files RPG —

For the first new years resolution, I would like to inform everyone that I will be play testing The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game. I don’t know much about the game other than it is a dark fantasy in a contemporary setting. The system uses the Fate version of the Fudge system. A system I have [...]