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Archive for January, 2011

Pen and Paper… Who Uses Pens??? —

This is not a pet peeve of mine, but every time a I see a reference to table top role-playing as a ‘pen and paper game’, it makes me chuckle and I wonder if I’ve had some abnormal/alternate earth gaming experience. When I got into role-playing, everything was written in pencil. The volatile nature of [...]

Hammerfast Review —

For my first review of the new year I chose the D&D 4th Edition supplement, Hammerfast. This is significant for three reasons: First, I loath D&D fourth edition. I will not go into my reasons for disliking fourth edition as that is not the point of this review. Just know that I chose the word [...]

Birds of a Feather —

As I perused the internet today haphazardly clicking on links, I came across some gaming related ‘motivational’ posters. I read through them, I realized that on this one, I have that same picture on the wall. It is an old Lord of the Rings poster from 25 to 30 years ago. I do not know [...]

Dice, Rulebooks, Actions? —

Deliberating on what to discuss on the blog is sometimes baffling as I have chosen not to follow D&D, the game that introduced me to the world of role-playing. As such, some of my issues with gaming are not standard, and possibly unrelated to problems of other gamers. Trying to sanitize data for others to [...]

The Harrowed Halls of Duhn Korinth Prologue —

“Typical, a dwarf scholar seeks some lost kaer that holds untold treasure. Yet all the dwarf has to its location is a footnote is some ‘other’ dwarf’s journal.” —Captain Kaegan of the Icefalcon The adventuring band known as’ The Last Circle’ had disbanded. Fear and petty squabbles eroded at group’s cohesiveness; as each companion fell [...]

Simple vs. Complex Games —

Trying to keep up with the blog this new year and not let too much time go between posts. I was doing some work on my game for this Friday when I got this facebook update from a colleague. Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius [...]

Resolute Gaming —

Happy New Year!!! I’d like to start the new year with post on my gaming resolutions for this year. Shout out to Richard of Random Generation, who got me into this tradition last year with his re-post of gaming resolutions: New Years Resolutions. Buy something from a local game store – Support the businesses that [...]