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10 Signs You May Be A Geek

So it has been a while since I posted and wanted to try and start back with something simple. So I came up with a list of  10 signs you may be a geek. This is from my own personal experiences so let’s see if anyone can relate.

1. If you’ve ever lied about your test score so no one accuses you of breaking the curve.
2. If you’ve ever judged a game by the number or type of dice it has.
3. If one of your siblings discovered that the best thing to slide across the floor is polyethylene on top of more polyethylene.
4. If you thought THACO was an easy concept.
5. If somebody has ever told you, “you guys talk about this stuff like you’ve actually done it.”
6. If you’ve ever calculate the ‘volume’ of a fireball in an enclosed space… Or in my case, 32 fireballs detonated at once.
7. If you’ve spent over 30 minutes at a store deciding which mini best represents your character.
8. If you’ve painted minis for other player’s character to enhance combat.
9. If you’ve quietly had wars between your dice while waiting for your turn.
10. If you have two copies of any gaming book, one for use, and one for display.

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